The crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight ET 302, which was en-route to Nairobi, is the second catastrophe including a Boeing 737 Max 8, another model that showed eerie similarity to that of Indonesia in October. Investigations are underway as to

Dr. Craig Wright is in the news once more. Furthermore, this time, he looks to wreak havoc on anonymous money for society. In case, you don’t know who Craig Wright is, here is a brief introduction. Craig Wright is an

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, pushed the proposal of an expense on the wealthy to pay more to fix the city’s breaking down metro framework. The arrangement would expand the city’s most noteworthy pay charge rate to

Marshall Islands is apparently drawing nearer to propelling its own digital money, called the Sovereign, or “SOV.” Marshall Islands will dispatch its own digital currency, called SOV, this year. Marshall Islands is preparing to dispatch its very own digital money,

A rundown of the world’s richest individuals has been discharged by Forbes once more (yawn), and what an unexpected it’s a blend of the typical suspects. Chances are you’ll name Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. You wouldn’t be right, as

Since Facebook declared its upcoming cryptographic money, there has been a ton of hypothesis from crypto enthusiasts. As Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg is advancing his vision for the Facebook commercial center and web based stage; he expects to make it

We all know of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez assertion of the world going to its end in 12 years if we don’t drastically change the manner in which we live. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a gigantic stage and a coveted gathering of

Tesla has secured more than US$520 million (S$707.3 million) in credits from Chinese banks to manufacture its first abroad vehicle plant close Shanghai, the only foreigner to entirely claim a processing plant in China. In contrast to other carmakers, Tesla

21st of December 2018, had this headline “The Dow just finished its worst week since the financial crisis.”  The Dow and the Nasdaq Composite closed out their worst week since the financial crisis. The Dow skidded down losing 351.978

The Chinese government has sworn total backing for Huawei in its claim against the United States, tossing a spanner in the trade deal. Telecommunications goliath Huawei has been guaranteed of the Chinese government’s full backing in its suing the U.S.

Michael Cohen, a once loyal fixer of the president, is back in the news. Like in previous news, he isn’t in this for any good either. After pleading guilty last year to offences from tax evasion, bank fraud, and campaign

Yang, a 43-year old business person and financial educator, is as a matter of fact a long-shot possibility for President. He himself has seen chances of “200-to-1” calling his opportunity of winning the White House, he says on the Freakonomics