Bitcoin (BTC) is still the undisputed king of the alternative currency market, although Ethereum(ETH) is a gold medalist in the “Olympics” of activities leading to protocol development. And with the power of an active development team, it is only a

Tesla has secured more than US$520 million (S$707.3 million) in credits from Chinese banks to manufacture its first abroad vehicle plant close Shanghai, the only foreigner to entirely claim a processing plant in China. In contrast to other carmakers, Tesla

21st of December 2018, had this headline “The Dow just finished its worst week since the financial crisis.”  The Dow and the Nasdaq Composite closed out their worst week since the financial crisis. The Dow skidded down losing 351.978

The Chinese government has sworn total backing for Huawei in its claim against the United States, tossing a spanner in the trade deal. Telecommunications goliath Huawei has been guaranteed of the Chinese government’s full backing in its suing the U.S.

When Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of a unique currency (the one we know as Bitcoin), started out the development of a currency that would be decentralized in creation and distribution. He also introduced the development of an online blockchain that

Michael Cohen, a once loyal fixer of the president, is back in the news. Like in previous news, he isn’t in this for any good either. After pleading guilty last year to offences from tax evasion, bank fraud, and campaign

Yang, a 43-year old business person and financial educator, is as a matter of fact a long-shot possibility for President. He himself has seen chances of “200-to-1” calling his opportunity of winning the White House, he says on the Freakonomics

Will Samsung truly add crypto payment to its new innovation? Since the earlier year, Samsung has begun to express its enthusiasm to a probability to use digital forms of money in the Samsung Pay. The first occasion when we have

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