Ethereum – King of protocol development

Bitcoin (BTC) is still the undisputed king of the alternative currency market, although Ethereum(ETH) is a gold medalist in the “Olympics” of activities leading to protocol development. And with the power of an active development team, it is only a little time before crypto enthusiasts of the developing world begin to look into the benefits of secured transactions available through Ethereum.


From research made, Ethereum is unrivalled in being the most actively developed cryptocurrency. With over 99 developers, Ethereum is miles away from Bitcoin’s 47.

On January 15, 2019, ETC Labs announced the launch of a new core development team, called ETC Core Labs. While working on areas such as DApps, EVM and so, the team composes of passionate developers such as Zachary Belford, Shane Jonas and others. The new project was an active step in providing tools for mining and services, while staying immutable.

In 2018 alone, Ethereum ran more experiments than they ever had. Actively working to identify things they say “will matter 10 years out”, Ethereum have worked on “off chain” technologies allowing the developers keep Ethereum in the front foot with development.

Ethereum’s good work on development has made the head of cryptography at Cloudfare “very interested” in working with Ethereum researchers to build a decentralized internet.


Zcash, market cap of 306 million US Dollars, effectively works with less than 20 developers in a month. The situation speaks to the importance of cryptocurrency as a whole.

Ethereum, however, has over 99 developers per month doing core protocol work. Ethereum wins gold in the “total code” category, which includes all forms relating to smart contract platforms. Bitcoin is number 1 in market cap but plays a runner-up to Ethereum in active development.

 The most actively developed smart contract platforms are Tron, EOS, Ethereum, and Cardano. Bitcoin isn’t readily used as compared to Ethereum among users. Cardano, however, is the pride of this pack.


True, negative market forces might down general interest; it can’t affect development in like terms. Even after the bull run of cryptocurrencies (and its head crash as well), developers have intensified their efforts in blockchain. Yes, Blockchain growth might have made developers a hot commodity, it’s their interest that have seen them increased despite an 80% fall since 2017.

Ethereum has enjoyed a higher boost in exciting developers in recent years, no thanks to their multiple projects. notes that Ethereum developers are well known for “solidity proficiencies” and “DApps making abilities”.


Ray Kurzweil’s “Law of Accelerating Returns”, he says “an analysis of the history of technology shows that technological change is possible”. Riding on Ray’s claim, the ecosystem has seen a great deal of innovative developers.

As expected, Ethereum has the highest number of developers. The Ethereum community is believed to roughly have almost a thousand individuals. Ethereum Classic, a fork off Ethereum, has a total of 227 developers as of October 2018.

Yes, having a load of code activities isn’t the only prerequisite for a blockchain, developments outside core projects are important. However, the king of development is undisputed champion – Ethereum.

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